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Hornet ADV Helmet

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Organic fibreglass, multi-composite and high performance organic fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbant shell with optimum rigidity.

E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in case of an accident.

The interior is completely detachable for easy maintenance and washing.

The pads cover are made of a quick drying fabric to keep you comfortable when sweating.

The upper air intake is working as a ducted intake. A lot of air is forced into the helmet and guarantees an incredible air exchange to keep you cool and dry.

The air intake can be closed.

The air coming through the lower air intake is spread into two directions. One part is providing fresh air for your face. The other part is routed along the inside of the visor to prevent fogging and keep your vision clear.

The air intake can be easily closed with one gloved hand.

The two upper air outlets in the back of the helmet route the used air from the inside of the helmet to the outside. They are specially designed not to cause turbulence or noise.

The peak of the Hornet ADV, called V-460 peak, is especially designed with aerodynamic performance in mind.

The holes in the peak and the big open space between the helmets shell and the peak gives a lot of space for the air stream to pass through, improving the performance during riding with higher speeds.

The spoiler at the rear of the helmet provides a defined edge, where the air stream is separated from the shell, resulting in a more stable ride.